Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pay up to see three major areas of someone's fastest

Despite the stock market this year, the fiery, but if you're in a hot sector pay soared, revenue growth as people envious heart. So, the fastest salary increase in 2007 which industry do? ChinaHR recently released survey, three areas of the industry pay up to ten.

High-tech areas:

Internet pay increase outperform CPI personnel under ChinaHR salary survey research center, the Internet industry, the average salary increase rate of over 6% this year to beat the CPI.

Internet industry revenue is "wealth gap" relatively large industry, salary from one or two thousand to ten thousand dollars on the key to the engaged position. In general, technical support, research and development, sales, marketing, department manager and front office and other key positions relatively high income, annual income can reach 40 thousand to 200 thousand yuan.

Computer software industry is second only to the Internet, e-commerce industry, job hot industry. Recruitment from the 2007 opinion, software engineers, software test engineers, network system engineers, consulting engineers have many positions, talents in demand. In particular, the software test engineers, many of them enjoy high status and salaries of two-treatment. In the software industry, with more than 3,000 yuan monthly wage of workers account for nearly 50%.

Communications industry is also a talent needs "big", especially the future of communications equipment manufacturing industry demand for talent, mainly concentrated in the rich experience, high academic qualifications and innovative talents on. In addition, technical knowledge with communication industry, but also has excellent market research and marketing skills of sales personnel are also popular. According to ChinaHR pay survey: in Beijing with 2-3 years experience in research and development work in charge, senior research engineer salary at between 40,000 to 150,000 yuan, the median level of 8 million; sales revenue and R & D Manager Similarly, the annual salary at between 40,000 to 160,000 yuan, but the median was slightly higher, at 10 million.

In addition, the electronic micro-electronics industry needs a continuous upward trend of talent, starting bachelor degree or above most of 2000 to 4,000 yuan, most of the work of one or two years in pay rise, from 20% to 50%. With 4 years experience, revenue doubled, up to 1 million.

Service areas:

Professional consulting industry prospects

Professional consulting services in the field of industry prospects, market demand is very large, while wages have gone up. Professional services, mainly referring to businesses or individuals to provide consulting, accounting, legal aspects of professional services, well-paid practitioners. According to ChinaHR statistics, in Beijing area the size of the private consultants has annual revenues of between 3 to 150,000 yuan, Senior Consultant, is to achieve annual revenue from 150,000 to 500,000 yuan.

Hot investment market, with the fire of the securities investment industry demand for qualified personnel. At present China's securities industry to take professional qualification certification system, to work in the securities industry must have a dual license, which permits practitioners and practice evidence. It is understood that the securities industry, the average annual income of about 5 million per, of course, such as investment, fund the project manager, senior financial consultants, high-end jobs pay up to one million yuan.

According to "network of excellence hunting," Statistics show that among the major cultural media companies intensified competition for high-end professionals, such as the senior editorial staff, professional publishers, distribution experts, high-level creative design talent, producing high levels of advertising talent and planning talents. As the media industry, supply exceeds demand year after year, the average starting salary is significantly diminished. However, this does not affect the media industry veterans, income level, the more large-scale media enterprises, with some experience, but also no shortage of innovative talents, out of more competitive salaries. Conservative estimates, the industry median level of pay from 4000 to 8000 yuan.

Based industries:

Technical personnel is more popular in

In the basic fields, if have the technology, talent market is definitely the "hot demand", of course, pay levels are naturally superior to others, such as mechanical (equipment) manufacturing industry is one of the industries supported by the state, now common all jobs media, mainly equipment engineers, mechanical engineers, mechanical designers and project leader positions. The industry average annual pay level will reach 100 thousand yuan or more.

In the real estate industry, the more scarce is the compound talents. Experienced real estate (development, construction and engineering) the average annual salary of up to 100,000 yuan architects, experienced real estate sales manager of up to 10 million (excluding commission).

Import and export trade is a traditional industry, but now the focus of foreign trade gradually to the high-tech, high value-added areas of expansion. Many SMEs need foreign talent to develop the international market, greater opportunities for promotion, so vision can not only stare at the large enterprises. Foreign trade lower starting salary. But the accumulated experience and master the external communication skills, increase revenue quickly. Experts conservatively estimate that the median annual salary in the industry in the 50,000 to 90,000 yuan.

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